How I Work

I love to immerse myself in an historical period. The development of a new design can therefore extend over several months until I find the right motive, manuscript page or poem. Afterwards, I designate the motives on my computer, work with the composition and colors until the design is ready to transfer to print screens, so I can experiment with colors and expressions in my workshop at Kronborg Castle in Elsinore.

When I'm satisfied whith the design, it will be sent of to production. Silk scarves are printed in China, cotton and wool scarves in India, tea towels in England, while buttering boards and serving boards are manufactured in Sweden.

The screenprint table is my playground, it's here I'm in touch with the craft I love. - In my workshop, I can experiment and let the imperfec be a part of the term. - All my pillowcases are unique and hand-printed by me, so they are all slightly different. I sew all the kimono's, tunics and dresses of my scarves. The design is simple and the fitting loose, as it's the motifs that are in focus.
- The pillows, tunics and kimonos are not yet on my webshop, but will come soon :0)