my inspiration

I've always loved walking around museum stores after having seen the exhibition. In search of something to bring with me home to extend my experience.
The things I buy when traveling are always carefully selected. It must have soul, be created with care, or awaken a feeling in me. The same criteria must, of course, also be at my own design. Therefore, I always work with original historical items, so that the feeling of authenticity is preserved in each of my products.

my background

I have studiet 5 years at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Copenhagen. After my bachelor in 1998, I spend one year at a craft school in Granada, Spain. Where I studied the construction of Arabic patten structure, Moorish history and ornamentation in Andalusia. -  I finished my master in 2001 and started working for various clothing companies and theaters. - I love beeing part of a theater production and have since 2003 been associated with the Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen, as freelance in their textile workshop. Where I have the privilege to dye, destress and print on costumes for both opera, acting and ballet.

But the idea of contributing with some new historic design for the Danish museum stores, kept coming back..........For the celebration of the 200 year anniversary of Hans Christian Andersen, I got an assignment for the Odense City museums. Whom hired me to design neckties, scarves and T-shirts for the museum shop. - That became the start of Storytelling Textiles. Where I sell my own collection of historical design, but also have made exclusive design for varios museum stores.