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Storytelling Textiles is garments and interior design, with elements from the Scandinavian history, remixed and added my personal interpretation and style.
As an archaeologist I dig into the historic soil, in search of the traces my ancestors have left. Old manuscripts, drawings and maps are extracted form the dark archives and tranformed into elegant scarves ore decorative home interior.

Welcome to my world of Storytelling.  - Explore for something that fits your historical passion, or find a unique present for your loved ones.

Kind Regards    Katja Bie

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Let a pillow case with the beautiful paper cuts by Hans Christian Andersen embrace your sofa, or serve breakfast on a buttering board with graphic viking runes. 
Invite the history inside, through my collages, tea towels ore serving boards. The design is colorful, simple and contemporary, while the motifs reminds us of our cultural and historical wealth.

To wear

A piece of Scandinavian history, to wear.
Wrap yourself in wisdom words by Søren Kierkegaard or turn a tie knot on the star records of Tycho Brahe, without looking like a museum piece...
Storytelling Textiles is more than garments, it is a personal textural remix of the Scandinavian history.